Detroit Tube Products In Full Production

Steel Tube Bending in Full Production

These last 5 to 6 months have been pretty strenuous on many businesses. Full production was almost impossible for a lot of companies. People all across the country and the state were and still are feeling the sting of the COVID 19 shutdowns. Today, we are pleased to announce that Detroit Tube Products is back to full production. In addition, we are taking orders for all your tube bending needs.

Safety Protocols For Full Production

We are very thankful to be open and serving our loyal customers once again. But we do have safety protocols in place to ensure the health of our workers as well as our customers. The CDC and the state of Michigan have set guidelines for businesses to follow during this pandemic. In addition, we also follow some extra steps we have to ensure safety.  First, there are no walk-ins. You must either call or place an order online and notify us once you have arrived.

If you are picking up in person, you must wear a mask at all times in the building and you will be asked travel and health questions as well. Second, we make sure to sanitize surfaces and our crew also wears masks as well, while maintaining social distancing protocols. Of course, the safety of everyone at Detroit Tube Products is a top priority.

While closing our doors for a short while was a major inconvenience to us and our customers, we are glad to be able to provide great services to you today. When it comes to steel bending services, the best choice in the Metro Detroit area is always Detroit Tube Products. While the pandemic is an unfortunate event, we are proud to say we are here for you. Finally, give us a call today at 313.841.0300 and see what Detroit Tube Products can do for you.

Steel Tube Bending Services

Steel Tube Bending Services

When looking for proper steel tube bending services, look no further than Detroit Tube Products. At Detroit Tube Products, we are known as one of the best tube bending companies in the industry. Also, with over 100 years of experience, we can deliver any type of tube bend you need to get the job done right!

Michigan’s Best Steel Tube Bending Services

Detroit Tube Products can provide tube bending services for any type of steel tube. Also, the shape of the tube makes no difference to us, from oval to square we can bend it all. In addition, we have all types of methods we use to achieve the proper bend. From compression to rotary draw bending, we can determine what method works best for certain jobs. A rotary draw bend uses a method of clamping the outside diameter and then drawing it over a form with a similar radius.

When it comes to rotary draw bending, the operator wants to make sure everything remains clamped and watch out for any type of wrinkling. Paying attention to clamping pressure during the bend. Without enough pressure, the tube will slip during the bend. Also, with too much pressure you may damage or wrinkle the steel tube as well. As far as materials go, we can bend just about any material. Materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, bronze, and other materials can be bent.

As we said earlier, Detroit Tube Products have been in business since 1922, and we have extensive tube bending knowledge. Many industries use our services such as aerospace, automotive, locomotive, forestry, and many more. No matter the diameter or size we can handle the bend. Finally, give us a call today at 313.841.0300 or contact us today for more information about all our available services. Detroit Tube Products is Michigan’s premier tube bending company!

Tube Bending For All Types of Radiators

Tube bending for radiators & boiler systems

When talking about radiators, you have to understand there are a lot more than just the ones you will find in your car or truck. Though automotive radiators are what come to mind first, there are other types that are part of heating systems. Sometimes known as a boiler system, these systems use hot water to heat homes, businesses, schools and many other facilities. When it comes to a boiler system they are either steam or hot water.

For example, older homes will usually have radiators that most likely uses the hot water version. This is because most steam versions were phased out in the 1930s. So you may be wondering how exactly does this work? The water is heated in a heat exchanger inside the boiler. From the boiler, the water is transferred to the radiator that will be made of a good heat conductor to produce the heat. In addition, the water is then transported back to the boiler to be heated again.

Bending Metal for Radiators, Boiler Systems and More

Of course with an in-home or business boiler system, you are going to need bent tubing. To route the water throughout the building special bends will be needed. Also, for these types of tubes you want to use materials that are rust-resistant. The metals these tubes are made from are; stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, or galvanized steel.  The good news is at Detroit Tube Products we work with all those materials.

Our industry-leading tube bending services can make those special tight radius bends for hard to access areas. This will ensure you get the system installed quickly and easily. In addition, we will work with all types of shaped tubes and fabricate assemblies as well! Our customers make custom systems for engine cooling, process cooling, and power generation cooling. We have made parts for a company that designs and installs cooling for server farms — so we make a variety of copper parts with multiple bends and angles.

HVAC system manufacturers such as Tridan International, also use our tube bending services. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and providing the best customer service possible. Call us today at 313-841-0300 or contact us now and see what Detroit Tube Products can do for you!