Bending Square Steel Tubing

Detroit Tube Products is capable of bending square steel tubing. While not as popular as regular tubes, there is a demand for square steel tubing. Square tubing has uses in a variety of areas for different reasons. So, what makes square steel tubing so useful? Difference Between Round and Square Tubes Besides the obvious shape […]

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Custom Tube Bending for Forestry Equipment

Custom tube bending for forestry equipment is more common than you think. The forestry industry, especially in Michigan, needs various machines to accomplish tasks. Between taking down a tree to turn into lumber, there is a piece of equipment to help the process. With such a variety of machines, certain parts are in need. Sometimes, […]

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Diesel Engines on Gordie Howe International Bridge

It is interesting to know diesel engines are being used on the Gordie Howe International Bridge. Since the construction of the International Bridge, our company has been dealing with traffic that comes with it. While the delays can be a pain, I always manage to get a glimpse of the machines. Those large machines care […]

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