The Importance Of A Proper Steel Bend

Here at Detroit Tube Products, we handle the entire steel tube bending process. We offer tube bending for all types of stainless steel such as a mandrel, welded, and seamless blending. Furthermore, we can bend the stainless steel tubes into a variety of shapes using our high powered equipment. The Process of Creating a Proper […]

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Tube Bending For All Types of Radiators

When talking about radiators, you have to understand there are a lot more than just the ones you will find in your car or truck. Though automotive radiators are what come to mind first, there are other types that are part of heating systems. Sometimes known as a boiler system, these systems use hot water […]

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Different Ways To Bend A Tube

“She told me they can’t bend those tubes and to call you.” “I’m sorry, we don’t do that kind of work, but talk to Detroit Tube.” “Everybody I talk to says they can’t do it, but you all say you bend metal tubes. What’s up with that?” What’s up is that there are different ways […]

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