Firefighter Training Equipment

Tube fabrication for firefighter training equipment

Did you know firefighter training equipment requires custom tube fabrications and tube bending? 

Detroit Tube Products provides our services to a variety of industries including municipalities. Over the years we have created products for various clients for interesting projects or concepts like ghost kitchens. As a result, these fabrications serve a specific purpose. So, it might not be shocking that custom tube bending is often used in firefighter training. In fact, custom fabrications are required to guarantee that firefighters are prepared for any situation.

Tube Bending in Firefighter Training Equipment

Firefighters need to go through extensive training for their job. After all, when there is a fire, lives are on the line. During their training period, firefighters need to prepare for different hazardous conditions to save lives. As a result, various structures have to be built for drills and practice. These include apartment buildings, houses, commercial properties, and even boats. While they cannot build a new structure for every drill, they can change the conditions by creating parts for fire scenarios.

This is where tube bending comes in. In order to make the fire scenarios accurate, custom parts often have to be made. Due to the specific nature of these parts, tube fabrication is one of the only ways to get everything you want to fit your specifications. If they need parts to facilitate gas fire scenarios, you often need specific pipes that can create the scene but still be able to turn off. Some of these parts can also be used to produce exterior and interior fire scenarios. Furthermore, mobile training units often require ready-made materials as well.

Tube Fabrication for Public Service

Detroit Tube Products works with various clients that provide services and products that help a community. Many of our services are proprietary to companies, however, some like providing equipment to municipalities provide a public service. No matter the project, or task Detroit Tube Product can deliver.  We love a challenge!

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