Stainless Steel Tube Bending Process

stainless steel tube bending process

Ever wonder about the stainless steel tube bending process? Honestly, you probably haven’t. Most people see the steel tube after the bending process. There is not a reason to ask how. However, it is an important process. An unsung hero for bent tubes everywhere. So, what is the bending process?

What The Tube Bending Process Does?

Although stainless steel is a hard material, it is ductile and malleable. This allows the steel to be bent into a variety of shapes through mechanical needs. The bending process allows you to bend stainless steel into many configurations. But, how do we get these configurations in the first place?

Basic Tube Bending

In order to create a bend, significant and direct pressure must be placed on the steel. The pressure needs to come from specialized equipment. However, there are variables that need to be accounted for. These variables include the size, weld, and quality. The thickness of the tube also contributes to a successful bend. While it takes more pressure, thicker tubes are less likely to fail. As a result, these tubes sometimes have to be bent with specific tools and machines.

Method of Tube Bending

Stainless steel can be bent by using soft rollers that apply the necessary force that it needs. The process uses these rollers that force the tube over and around a die, that is designed to change the shape. When the tube has pressure applied around the die, it will make a bend. During a process, a mandrel is inserted inside of the tube to prevent the tube from losing its internal shape. While there are limitations with the angle, these bends tend to be sharper compared to other methods.

Uses of Bent Stainless Steel Tubes

Without a doubt, bent stainless steel tubes are fundamental in a variety of fields and industries. Stainless steel tubes are staples in many industries, such as food processing, engines, and automotive. Furthermore, stainless steel can be put to structural and decorative uses.

The stainless steel tube bending process allows for a variety of configurations to be made. However, getting the type of bends you need can be challenging. Especially, if it is a custom bend. That is where Detroit Tube Products comes in. Since 1911, our company has specialized in bending tubes for a wide variety of uses and industries. This includes a variety of dies to create bends catered to your needs. We are the full-service solution for your tubing needs.

Bending Tubes For Historic Restoration Projects

Bending tubes for historic restoration projects is more common than you think! Somebody asked what it means when we say we do historic restoration and museum work. For museums and exhibits, we’ve bent railings (think crowd control) that have to fit interesting configurations. We’ve made frames on which the exhibit designers mounted educational or decorative items. Tubes are strong for their weight and make good frames. We’ve also made replicas of visible parts for locomotives, yachts, and airplanes that are on display in private and public museums. For this kind of thing, 3-D printing is another good solution. Our products and services including tube bending, are used in many different industries.

Antique and Historic Restorations Craftsmenbending tube for historic restoration projects

Normally, museums don’t mind if the things they’re displaying don’t function, and they want them to “look their age.” That’s not the case with restoration companies. These are the careful craftsmen who transform a rusted car from an auction or grandma’s garage into a gleaming and functioning vehicle. When somebody has a treasured antique car, boat, or truck, the restorers usually want to make it “better than new.” This means replacing decades-old parts with replicas made from modern materials that look great and resist corrosion. Bending tubes for historic restoration can help replicate the original while making it better.  It could be brass for a yacht’s engine or 316 Stainless steel tubing to upgrade an automotive exhaust. It could even be stainless exhaust stacks with a neat angle cut end for a trophy tractor. Our customers are wizards with this kind of thing!

We Love What We Do! Bending Tubes for Historic Restoration

How much fun is it to work with these historic restoration companies? Well, some of us get a charge out of just saying “Hispano-Suiza, Duesenberg, Bugatti, Phaeton.” Those who are more practical-minded are happy to take high-quality modern stainless steel and craft the intakes and exhausts that will make those elegant cars not only beautiful but fully functional again. At Detroit Tube Products, we take pride in bending tube for all types of applications and projects. Doing it for Antique or Historic restoration projects is frosting on the cake. Please give us a call or contact us with any questions on how we may assist.