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Detroit Tube Products in Detroit

We made all of these letters and numbers from Type 304 Stainless, which holds up well outdoors

Not many tube bending companies have been around for over 100 years. We are proud to have been in Detroit Michigan since 1911!

What is Detroit Tube Products?

Knowledgeable – Focused on tube bending since 1911, we continually take on new projects to extend our capabilities. We specialize in thin-wall tubing, bent on a sharp radius. In a weight-conscious environment, these are key materials. In unskilled hands, they can split, wrinkle, work-harden, restrict flow, or collapse. Our craftsmen know steel tubing and how to form it. Proprietary technology, tools and dies keep the unexpected from spoiling your programs. Experience with all metals and applications helps us guide customers to their best total solutions for tubular applications.

Flexible – We’ve designed our systems to accommodate a wide variety of needs because our customers represent all kinds of industries. We’re used to quick changes and capacity adjustments. Our people are flexible, too. Over 75% of our stable, experienced workforce Is fully qualified to perform multiple processes, so we can create ad-hoc cells or work teams and still maintain “normal” production.

Diverse – Our range of sizes suits medium and low volume production of all types of tubes: 6″ diameter exhaust connections and 3/4″ water inlets. Styles range from elbows to complete assemblies with fittings and end-forming. Customer industries include; high-security plumbing, food service equipment, pool and spa, marine and aircraft aftermarket, oil drilling, mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, architecture, interior design, and others. While a typical job size is 25-50 pieces, we regularly handle single-piece and 1000 piece runs. Our production system is designed to assure that small jobs don’t fall through the cracks, and that big jobs go out on time.

Innovative – Our experience, knowledge, flexibility, and approach make us a key to our customers’ product development strategies. In a recent example, we helped a customer eliminate burn risks by water-jacketing a tube within a tube, cutting their lead-time and warranty exposure from hidden welds. We helped another customer convert from PVC that melted with flue gas to corrosion-resistant steel. We’ve worked with automotive suppliers and steel manufacturers to test new steel alloys for hydroforming lighter vehicle frames, and with a heavy-equipment industry leader to assure manufacturability of the next generation of clean diesel engines. Alternative energy? Hydrogen and animal waste are powering some of the generators we work on. We work with engineering students building their SAE Baja vehicles and with labs designing test cells for new equipment. On-site tool design and manufacture allows for re-engineering in the process, and we do accept napkin-based “blueprints.” Critical tight radius tube bending that we can do sets us apart from other tube bending companies.

Great Midwest Location

Convenient – Less than 10 minutes from North America’s busiest border crossing, we have easy access and reliable on-time shipments for our Canadian customers. Detroit’s air cargo facilities give overseas customers quick delivery for unexpected requirements. The Detroit area has virtually every service or product needed in manufacturing. This gives quick delivery on components and a vast population of specialists in design and engineering issues. Detroit Tube Products is located in the heart of the industrial midwest and Great Lakes region. That being the case, it’s no wonder many of our customers are automobile suppliers in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Committed – We’re loyal to the people who keep great tubular parts moving out our doors and into the products of hundreds of industries. As a private company, we don’t answer to traders or pundits. We make high-quality parts to suit each customer’s special needs, pricing them fairly, and delivering on schedule. We know from experience that honest, constructive relationships with our suppliers and customers keep us continually improving in every area.

Tube Bending

Tube Bending

3/4" to 6" diameter bending capacity
Severe radius capability standard - all sizes
Close tolerance available
Large die selection
Bend all tubing materials and shapes.

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Tube Shaping

Tube Forming/Shaping


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