Custom Tube Bending for Forestry Equipment

Custom Tube Bending for Forestry Equipment

Custom tube bending for forestry equipment is more common than you think. The forestry industry, especially in Michigan, needs various machines to accomplish tasks. Between taking down a tree to turn into lumber, there is a piece of equipment to help the process. With such a variety of machines, certain parts are in need. Sometimes, that means getting these items custom-built.

Types of Forestry Equipment

So, what type of machines are used in the forestry industry? The industry has evolved from lumberjacks and axes. Now Forestry involves specific equipment to do the job effectively. One of the biggest advantages is having harvester machines, that can harvest multiple trees with one powerful machine. You also have de-barking machines, which remove bark through a processor that can optimize the bark removal. Furthermore, portable lumbermills. Instead of hauling raw material to a mill to change it into lumber, you make lumber at the harvesting site!

However, these are just the basic machines you can find in the forestry industry. There is other specific equipment that can be found on-site as well. One of these machines is mulchers, which takes chewed-up parts of a tree and grinds them down till it is fine. Many of these mulchers have dye capabilities, producing mulch of different colors.

Custom Tube Bending with Detroit Tube Products

As you can see, forestry equipment can vary in functionality and design. As a result, each machine has certain parts to keep it functioning. These could be just simple parts but it needs for custom tube bending can go further than that. Many of these machines are custom parts for motors, exhausts, power supplies, and even engines.

At Detroit Tube Products, we create custom tube bending for Forestry and other industries. Our services include basic tube bending, tube forming/shaping, and assemblies in order to make the parts you need to keep your machines going strong for years to come. Our company is ISO certified, meaning that we follow all international standards in regard to our services.