Tube Usage in Mining Industry

Working in the mining industry, you can be sure that there are endless things to learn and discover within the earth. I, for one, know that with any industry, comes a process. When it comes to mining, there are many types of tubes that can be used in many different ways. From the specialized vehicles to basic drainage the necessity for custom tube bending is prevalent. Before we discuss our relationship with the Mining Industry, here is a little info on some methods of mining we thought were interesting.

Different Types of MiningTubes used in Mining Industry

Surface Mining

Surface mining is the process of seam mining ore and coal from the land. With this technique, any unwanted soil is stripped from the ground. From there, it is then sought after and found relatively close to the surface of the site. When dealing with surface mining, it is helpful to utilize the strength of the Bucket-Wheel Excavators. Due to the land decimation that happens during surface mining, this type of mining is very controversial. In fact, surface mining quite often leaves large areas of infertile land and waste of up to 70% behind.

Underground Mining

Underground (or Subsurface) mining includes the digging of tunnels and shafts into the earth to reach and withdraw the deposit of mineral and ore beneath the earth. In contrast to some other mining methods, underground mines are much more dangerous for those working within them. However, it can be less impactful on the environment. Shovels, axes and carts that were once used by underground miners have been replaced with ventilation machines. This not only helps to retrieve valuable materials, but it also ensures that the workplace is safer. The process of underground mining is a lot more difficult and expensive than all of the other forms. This is because underground mines excrete much less waste rock when the ore is being accessed.


Open-Pit mining involves mining minerals or ore that can be seen at the surface layer of the site. This form of mining does not require tunneling and is an easy method of mining that yields high rates of production. Open-Pits are typically converted to recreational areas and can be reused for other purposes as well.

What We Do

Detroit Tube Products provides tube bending service to all types of applications within the mining industry. A few things that we do/have done are:

  • Build tubular frames for screening
  • Make parts for specialized mining vehicles, like exhausts or engine connections etc.
  • Tubes for water and fluid pumping equipment modifications and systems
  • Form tubing for a lightweight, tight space application

If you are in learning more about the industries we’ve served, please feel free to contact or call us at 313.841.0300. We look forward in hearing from you.