Stainless Steel Tube Bending Process

stainless steel tube bending process

Ever wonder about the stainless steel tube bending process? Honestly, you probably haven’t. Most people see the steel tube after the bending process. There is not a reason to ask how. However, it is an important process. An unsung hero for bent tubes everywhere. So, what is the bending process?

What The Tube Bending Process Does?

Although stainless steel is a hard material, it is ductile and malleable. This allows the steel to be bent into a variety of shapes through mechanical needs. The bending process allows you to bend stainless steel into many configurations. But, how do we get these configurations in the first place?

Basic Tube Bending

In order to create a bend, significant and direct pressure must be placed on the steel. The pressure needs to come from specialized equipment. However, there are variables that need to be accounted for. These variables include the size, weld, and quality. The thickness of the tube also contributes to a successful bend. While it takes more pressure, thicker tubes are less likely to fail. As a result, these tubes sometimes have to be bent with specific tools and machines.

Method of Tube Bending

Stainless steel can be bent by using soft rollers that apply the necessary force that it needs. The process uses these rollers that force the tube over and around a die, that is designed to change the shape. When the tube has pressure applied around the die, it will make a bend. During a process, a mandrel is inserted inside of the tube to prevent the tube from losing its internal shape. While there are limitations with the angle, these bends tend to be sharper compared to other methods.

Uses of Bent Stainless Steel Tubes

Without a doubt, bent stainless steel tubes are fundamental in a variety of fields and industries. Stainless steel tubes are staples in many industries, such as food processing, engines, and automotive. Furthermore, stainless steel can be put to structural and decorative uses.

The stainless steel tube bending process allows for a variety of configurations to be made. However, getting the type of bends you need can be challenging. Especially, if it is a custom bend. That is where Detroit Tube Products comes in. Since 1911, our company has specialized in bending tubes for a wide variety of uses and industries. This includes a variety of dies to create bends catered to your needs. We are the full-service solution for your tubing needs.

The Importance Of A Proper Steel Bend

The Importance Of A Proper Steel BendHere at Detroit Tube Products, we handle the entire steel tube bending process. We offer tube bending for all types of stainless steel such as a mandrel, welded, and seamless blending. Furthermore, we can bend the stainless steel tubes into a variety of shapes using our high powered equipment.

The Process of Creating a Proper Steel Bend

At Detroit Tube Products, we specialize in stainless steel tube bending and can perform a proper steel bend. We understand the process and how to bend steel tubes to perfection. But what is our process?

The process of tube bending uses mechanical force to push steel tubing against a die, forcing the pipe or tube to take the shape of the die. Often, the steel tubing is held firmly in place while the end is rotated and rolled around the die until the tube reaches the desired shape. Without the use of a die, the thinner-walled tubes will tend to collapse and lose its original cross-section. When working with thicker materials, the tube doesn’t require as much support and can be “empty-bent”, bent without a die or mandrel, and stay generally round in shape.

The most important part of bending a steel tube is maintaining the shape and diameter throughout the entire bend. The most difficult part of bending stainless steel depends on the thickness of the steel. The thicker the wall of the tube is, the more pressure that is required to make a proper bend. The thicker the steel is, however, the more durable and strong the tube will be. To maintain the same diameter through the tube, continuous pressure must be added to the steel while it is shaped. If different pressures are applied, the diameter will fluctuate between positions throughout the tube. 

Detroit Tube Products

Contact Detroit Tube Products for all of your proper tube bending needs! We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and our complete client satisfaction. Call us today at 313-841-0300 or request a free quote for our tube fabrication and bending services. Come to Detroit Tube Products and take advantage of our tube bending experience that spans over 100 years!

Custom Tube Bending for Pool or Spa Installation

tube bending for spa installationDo you want a pool heater but are unable to get one because of the limited amount of space that you have? Does your Spa installation require special plumbing? Detroit Tube Products specializes in custom tube bending for pool or spa installation. We do bending and fabricating for tubing to allow more condensed pieces to function with the same purpose.

Some homes do not have a lot of room to add a heater to a fresh-water chlorinated pool. At least not in the typical locations like next to the house or in a concealed shed for a heater. Without a natural gas heater, you are losing up to two months of valuable swim time. Detroit Tube Products can help you to work around this. Tight spaces behind your garage that would require tube extensions and custom tube bending, can be designed and built to seamlessly blend into your landscape. Also, depending on heat and cold considerations, spa installation can be on decks, gazebos, or on an enclosed porch. These too often require special plumbing considerations.

Metal Tubing for Better Connections

For example, we can make a flue connection,  an integral component of water heating installations for a natural gas heater so it can fit into a small area on an enclosed porch. We also know which materials to use for the environment, tube connection, and tight bends. Many companies make flue pipes out of molded plastic, which is susceptible to melting if installed in a warm climate. Typically, at Detroit Tube Products, we can make something made of metal that is lightweight enough to function properly.  Then create the tools that will form the tubing for a perfect connection. For example; we were able to create tools that bent a 4″ diameter tube, made one end into a neat oval, and flanged that oval end flat.

Standard tubing does not always work under the desired conditions where our custom tube bending will. Generally, standard tubing takes up more space. With custom tubing, we can condense the space required significantly. Most piping companies use molded plastic or rubber tubing in outdoor pool heating systems. As a result, in hot climates, plastic and rubber can melt and corrode faster than the stainless steel tubing for example.

We Make Rails & Ladders

Custom Tube Bending For Pool Ladder Railings And Marina Dock RailingsDetroit Tube Products works directly with builders to create custom railings for pool ladders or marina dock access. Also, because all marinas have docks of varied sizes, they need custom materials that are sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Our fabricators are experts in using stainless steel tubing and pipes for creating non-corrodible railings. 

Whether you are servicing an in-ground or above-ground pool, or own a Marina, we can create railings for a ladder or deck access that you are guaranteed to love.

If you are looking for pre-built ladders, Sunny’s Pools & More has above-ground swimming pool ladders in stock at most Detroit area locations.

Do you need custom tube bending for pool or spa installation? Contact us today to get a free quote. Make life easier with help from the experts at Detroit Tube Products!