Importance of Tube Shaping

The importance of tube shaping should not be underestimated. This process is the foundation for many industries. In fact, all of the industries that Detroit Tube Products serves need custom fabrications. So, to show the importance of this process, let’s talk about a few industries that need tube forming services. Antique and Historic Restoration One […]

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Tube Material for Marine Boats and Yachts

When it comes to tube material for marine boats and yachts, you have to be careful. Just like any other project, specific materials work better than others. This includes boats and yachts, that need tubes made out of certain materials. So, what type of material do you need for these vessels? Brass The majority of […]

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Tube forming for connections

Detroit Tube Products can form tubes in a great variety of ways — not just bending! Tubes are all about connections; they enable fluids to move from one place to another. How do the finished parts get assembled? In a factory, in the field, as part of a machine build, or in a skyscraper construction? […]

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