Textile Industry Fabric Production

Detroit Tube Products provides custom fabrications for a variety of industries. While we have highlighted a couple of them, there are plenty of other industries that use manufactured tubing products. The Textile Industry is one of them. When creating fabrics, you need specialized machines and components to get the job done. As a result, custom […]

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The Need for Commercial Generators

Recent storms have been making life difficult for residential areas. However, this is nothing compared to the struggles of businesses that need power to keep their production going. While small stores are struggling to get the power back on, hospitals and other industries continue to function. Why? Cause these facilities have commercial generators to keep […]

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Firefighter Training Equipment

Did you know firefighter training equipment requires custom tube fabrications and tube bending?  Detroit Tube Products provides our services to a variety of industries including municipalities. Over the years we have created products for various clients for interesting projects or concepts like ghost kitchens. As a result, these fabrications serve a specific purpose. So, it […]

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