Using Stainless Steel Tubes in Art Installations

Detroit Tube Products serves a variety of industries, but we’ve never talked about the tubes used in art installations. To be sure, art installations are different from art that you find in museums or galleries. These art works are usually large-scale, mixed-media constructions. They usually resides in a room or place for a specified amount […]

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Steel Fabrications Use in Bridges

Recently, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland was struck by a container ship. The destruction of this bridge is devastating but it wasn’t the first. Between 1960 and 2015, there were 35 major bridge collapses worldwide due to ship and barge collisions. Many of these collapses are a result of the practices at the […]

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Custom Tube Bends in Snow Plowing Equipment

When winter hits, it can be a snowy nightmare; especially in the northern states. When the snow piles up, snow plowing and other services become necessary. For specialized equipment to handle such harsh weather conditions, they need parts that are designed to handle the job. That is why custom tubing is common in manufacturing snow-plowing […]

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