Bending Square Steel Tubing

Bending Square Steel Tubing

Detroit Tube Products is capable of bending square steel tubing. While not as popular as regular tubes, there is a demand for square steel tubing. Square tubing has uses in a variety of areas for different reasons. So, what makes square steel tubing so useful?

Difference Between Round and Square Tubes

Besides the obvious shape difference, there are a few other factors that distinguish round and square tubes.

Round tubes are commonly used for practical and architectural purposes. They are found in plumbing systems, transporting liquids with ease. Round tubes are also very strong because the strength has an even distribution. As a result, it has more structural integrity than square tubes. Furthermore, round tubes are easier to bend and weld. It is also 20% lighter than square tubing.

Square tubing has difficulties in some of these areas. The strength doesn’t have even distribution in square tubes, leaving weak points. Square tubes do have durability but it fails in comparison to round tubes. Furthermore, it cannot transport liquids. However, square tubing has unique advantages that its counterpart fails at. Square tubing is easier to cut compared to round tubes. It is also excellent for leveling, providing more contact areas for stability and enhanced durability.

Uses of Square Tubing

There are many applications for square tubes. One of the latest implementations is in furniture. You can find square tubing in interior decorating. Square tubes are found in fixtures and furniture, adding color, stability, longevity, and durability. Some furniture with this tubing includes racks, shelving, couches, and industrial-style items.

It is also perfect for leveling and can be welded onto plates to keep them at the same level. These tubes also can make lightweight shifters for miners and other industries. However, one of the best ways to use square tubing is using them in shape corners that cannot be accessed by round tubing. They also are perfect for projects that complex angles or dealing with beams. Did you know we also provide services for the forestry industry?

Bending Square Steel Tubing at Detroit Tube Products

If you need a specialized bending square steel tubing service, you can get what you need from Detroit Tube Products. Our company is capable of giving unique, custom bends for any project. Detroit Tube Products serves a variety of industries with high-quality tube bending services! We have a long-standing history of providing tube bending, assemblies, and tube forming. Without a doubt, you will experience the best service at Detroit Tube Products.

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