Custom Assemblies are Important!

Detroit Tube Products have spent years making custom fabrication, but people tend to neglect custom assemblies. Depending on the purpose of the tubes, they need to be made accordingly. However, any custom fabrication needs a matching assembly. When looking at different industries, the difference between assemblies becomes apparent. To show how important these assemblies are, […]

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Material Handling Equipment

If comic book factories had proper material handling equipment, then villains wouldn’t be able to fall into vats of chemicals and acid. Think about it. In all these comic books, there are never any railings to prevent these baddies from falling. Even if there were, the railing is so easily knocked down. There is a […]

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Tube forming for connections

Detroit Tube Products can form tubes in a great variety of ways — not just bending! Tubes are all about connections; they enable fluids to move from one place to another. How do the finished parts get assembled? In a factory, in the field, as part of a machine build, or in a skyscraper construction? […]

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