Foodservice Equipment Fabrications for Ghost Kitchens

Foodservice Equipment Fabrications for Ghost Kitchens

The demand for food service equipment bending and fabrications for ghost kitchens. After the pandemic, many restaurants closed their doors. Yet, Detroit Tube Product is getting record demands for kitchen parts for ghost kitchens. But what are ghost kitchens? Furthermore, what types of tube bending and fabrications are in demand?

What is a Ghost Kitchen?

Ghost kitchens are delivery-only restaurant operation that prepares meals for restaurants or virtual restaurants for delivery, takeout, or drive-through. These kitchens do not include a storefront or indoor seating for customers. Most of these facilities can have kitchen space for more than one restaurant brand. Some of these virtual restaurants are associated with brick-and-motor locations such as Cosmic Wings, a ghost kitchen that is operated by Applebee’s. This part of the food service industry has seen a massive amount of growth since 2020.

Equipment Bending and Foodservice Equipment Fabrications

Since ghost kitchens have become popular, there has been a demand for specific bends and fabrications. These kitchens use commercial food service equipment that you would find in a restaurant, hotel, and commissary. As a result, these facilities require sanitary equipment made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is resilient against rust and oxidation. Furthermore, it can handle abrasive cleaning chemicals.  In addition, ghost kitchens have been spending on equipment on steam ovens, steamers, and deep fryers. Some of these steamers are so powerful that they can cook 30 pounds of broccoli in a few minutes.

Food service equipment needs well-made and durable parts. For steamers, a heavy-duty coil is required to handle the temperature and pressure. In some cases, smaller coils with a specific amount of bends are needed. Most of these fabrications and bends are created for the installation of the equipment. Furthermore, you can get bends for faucets and dispensers. You can also use these fabricated parts to condense machines, allowing them to fit in tight and small places. Condensing these machines will provide more space in a kitchen and make orders go faster!

Ghost Kitchen Fabrications and Bends at Detroit Tube Products

Detroit Tube Products is proud to provide high-quality custom fabrications for the food service industry. Even now, our company is continuing to create kitchen parts for several of our clients. However, Detroit Tube Products serves more than this industry. Our company creates parts for a variety of industries. If you are looking for tube bending, tube shaping, assemblies, and other custom parts, Detroit Tube Products has everything you need!