Fabrication and Bending for Industry Segments

Recently we were discussing some of the more specialized applications our company does in regard to tube bending and fabrication. On our website, we have a page where we list industries served. And from that page, we’ve been adding links to articles that give more information on just how our services apply to those industries. However, within those industries, there are segments that we don’t typically think of but could help those within that are looking for tube bending companies.

Do You Make or Own Food Trucks?Fabrication and Bending for Industry Segments

Take food truck manufacturers, customization shops, or individual owners. We do quite a bit of work in the Foodservice & Truck and Bus industries, so what about food trucks? With specialized equipment for refrigeration, liquid dispensers, and others, all within a limited space environment, our products could probably help. Tight radius bending, using superior metals, and unique connection fabrication are all in our wheelhouse. Okay, then what about Ice Cream trucks? Yeah, those too!

Now, RVs are not as specialized (typically) as Food or Ice Cream trucks, but they do have more unique plumbing and connection considerations. From the water and waste connections to awnings and electrical, you have a veritable home on wheels. So, depending on where you take them (some camping grounds can be pretty rugged), operating in tight spaces might require some special tubing.

Medical Facilities and Server Farms Fabrication

We have some good information on security plumbing and how it is used in correctional and detention facilities. Along those lines, if you maintain or run mental hospitals or detox centers (which we didn’t mention), then security plumbing is probably a serious consideration. Now we have done quite a bit of work.

Fabrication and Bending for Industry Segments - Data Center servers

Server Farms – Co-location Facilities with hundreds or thousands of computers require some heavy-duty cooling systems. They typically have redundant systems as well. We do a lot of work for companies that need custom tube bending for cooling systems. There are close to 50 Colocation Datacenters in Michigan alone. It is a huge industry. A recent search shows that infrastructure spending in 2021 for this industry will be over $200 Billion worldwide. If you’re in that industry then you know the level of moving and maintenance is required. Detroit Tube Products would like to be your supplier for custom tube bending and fabrication!

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