4 Inch Tubing Bender

4 Inch Tubing Bender

When it comes to a 4-inch tubing bender, look no further than Detroit Tube Products.  We can provide you with tube bending services for just about any diameter of the tubing.  In addition, we also can offer you tube forming and shaping as well as assemblies.  Also, we provide services to a wide variety of industries throughout the country.

4-Inch Tubing Bender and What to Look For

At Detroit Tube Products, we have extensive knowledge of tube bending and can provide you with the exact dimensions you require.  Before you have any of your tubing bent there are some factors of what type of tubing you need. Here are some factors to consider before you purchase tubing. The first type of tubing is a round steel pipe. Steel pipe/tubing is used in almost everything. From fencing to plumbing steel tubing is always a popular choice.

Another type is square tubing.  Square tubing is used in a variety of situations such as possibly shelving to trailers. Also, when it comes to square tubing, Detroit Tube Products can bend any shape of tubing including square. Drill stem pipe is a pipe used in the oil and gas industry, usually more popular in Texas than anywhere else. These are just a few of the variety of tubing and pipes that are used in our everyday life.

4-Inch Exhaust Pipe

So, what about exhaust pipes? Can you bend a 4-inch pipe? Yes, we can. In fact, the 4-inch diameter pipe is a popular choice for custom exhausts. And Detroit Tube Products are 4-inch exhaust pipe benders. But, why is it popular? What is the benefit of a 4-inch pipe for your exhaust system?

First of all, multiple exhausts can improve the overall capacity and performance of your car. With multiple exhausts, it prevents back pressure in the exhaust system. Having multiple exhaust pipes avoid this problem by increasing the flow of gases. With less resistance, the efficiency and power of your car will go up. However, what makes a 4-inch so popular? You could use any type of pipe. Well, when it comes to exhaust, the size matters. The volume of the exhaust parallels the size of the pipe. The exhaust volume affects your vehicle’s RPM and fuel delivery. So, a 4-inch exhaust pipe would reasonably increase the volume capacity. As a result, performance increases.

As you can see, there many benefits to having custom exhaust pipes. Especially when they have a superior 4-inch pipe for the exhaust. This has caused the popularity of this specific pipe. As a result, many companies in the automotive industry rely on bending services from professional tube benders. In fact, outside of customized cars, there are cars that have 4-inch exhaust installed. Some of these cars include the Ford Mustang (dual or dual quad), Volkswagen, and other popular cars and trucks. In addition, you can find these exhausts on motorcycles as well. So trust Detroit Tube Products as your 4-inch exhaust pipe bender.

At Detroit Tube Products we provide tube bending services to the automotive industry and many others. From customer bent tubes for exhaust systems to bent tubing for construction, we can do it all. In addition, we have a multitude of methods we use to provide our bending services. Finally, give us a call today at 313.841.0300 or use our easy contact form and see what Detroit Tube Products can do for you!

Tube forming for connections

Tube forming basics glossary

Tube forming basics – circa 1970 – click to  view pdf

Detroit Tube Products can form tubes in a great variety of ways — not just bending! Tubes are all about connections; they enable fluids to move from one place to another. How do the finished parts get assembled? In a factory, in the field, as part of a machine build, or in a skyscraper construction? Those factors influence how the parts are designed to attach to each other. This means that frequently, we’re shaping the connections between tubes/parts instead of welding a hard connection.

What kinds of tube forming for connections are we talking about? We found this old (as in 1970) guide that shows the basics and thought we’d share it as a series of topics. It’s a little bit yellowed from age but still valid. Here you can see swaging, expanding, beading, flaring, and flanging very simply represented. Few tube forming companies have a century of hands-on experience like DTP.

Different Aspects of Tube Forming and Shaping

Sometimes tube forming and shaping aren’t just on the end — take a look at these straight tubes with a bead far in from the end. Here are some examples of expanding, hose beads, and flaring from what we’re making right now. Materials are better and more reliable now, and we continually refine our tools, so the end products are better than in the last century, but the vocabulary’s the same, so enjoy the retro guide!

Tube forming for connections is another great service from the professionals at Detroit Tube Products. When it comes to tube bending services hire the experts here at Detroit Tube Products. Finally, give us a call at 313.841.0300 or contact us today.

Tube forming for connections

Hose Bead

tube bead far from end

Bead Far From End

Tube forming for connections

Expanded Tubes

Tube forming for connections

Flared Tube