Tube Bending for Locomotives

tube bending for locomotives

Why would tube bending for locomotives be necessary? The United States has the largest rail transportation system in the world. As a result, the locomotive industry is important for daily life in America. Although there have been many advancements, trains still transport raw materials and goods across the nation.

Custom Parts

Modern trains run on large diesel engines. It is more effective than the original coal-run engines. However, many of these engines need specialized tubes for the train to function properly. Diesel engines have hundreds of parts. The tubes that make up these engines have different tubes that bent at specific angles to provide the best results. These connections make sure the coolant systems and other functions are working properly.

When these engines are being built, companies fabricate tubes that will allow the diesel engine to perform effectively. Furthermore, fabrications and bent tubes can replace broken or failing parts.

Historical Recreation And Restoration

The railroad industry has existed for hundreds. Over the years, various locomotives have become historical artifacts. However, time tends to corrode and break down certain parts of these trains. Since many of these parts are no longer in production, getting a custom fabrication is a must to maintain authenticity. Locomotive restorations are a common occurrence as many historical trains are used in the entertainment industry or put on display. Museums will often need parts as well if the broken parts are noticeable.

Whether you are looking to make the locomotive “look its age” or “better than new”, customized tube bending and fabrications to meet both of these requirements. Replicas can replace decades-old parts to make the locomotive both authentic and improved.

Locomotive Tube Bending at Detroit Tube Products

When it comes to tube bending for locomotives, Detroit Tube Products is the place to go. Since 1911, Detroit Tube Products has been providing tube bending and fabrications for many industries. The locomotive industry is always in need of high-quality fabrications and assemblies to keep its engines up and running. We guarantee that our products and services will satisfy any client, regardless of what bends they are looking for.