The Need for Commercial Generators

Commercial GeneratorsRecent storms have been making life difficult for residential areas. However, this is nothing compared to the struggles of businesses that need power to keep their production going. While small stores are struggling to get the power back on, hospitals and other industries continue to function. Why? Cause these facilities have commercial generators to keep the lights on!

Commercial Generators

You might be wondering what is the difference between a typical generator and a commercial one. First of all, these generators are designed to produce a higher amount of energy than other generators. The higher horsepower allows the machine to power more facilities compared to a generic one. These industrial-quality generators are powerful enough to power a small town. As a result, these generators are put into infrastructures like hospitals that cannot afford to lose power. There are also industrial factories that take advantage of large generators.

While most of these generators run on natural gas, some sectors have been developing different methods for power. This includes using hydrogen and methane as energy sources. The flexibility of the technology can allow certain industries to run completely off the grid. However, to implement and maintain these power machines, many installations require custom tube forming and fabrications.

Large Diameter Stainless Steel

In order to get these commercial generators to work, the stainless steel tubes need to have large diameters. While you can find generic tubes at any home improvement store, the tubes required for these large generators need to be made out of high-quality material. Furthermore, depending on the machine, there are specific measurements that are required. This is where Detroit Tube Products come in! If you need a specific tube bend or product, we can help fabricate whatever you need. Our company specializes in bending tubes for a wide variety of end-uses and industries. Regardless, if you need help with a new installation or for maintenance purposes, please contact us. We deliver solutions for difficult and unique problems every day!