Generator Tube Bends and Fabrication

Generator Tube Bends and Fabrication

Get custom generator tube bends and fabrications at Detroit Tube Products!

Among the many different types of tube bends and fabrications we offer are specific tube bends for generators. For some applications, fabrications and tube bending for generators need to be very specific. The result of these fabrications is increased efficiency and performance of the generator or application using them. With customer-provided exact specifications, Detroit Tube Products experts will select the dies, and make the precision bends required.

Tube Bends

Tube bends for generators route various fluids, gases, or exhaust fumes. These bends may be crucial in maintaining the flow of fluids or gases within the system. They are designed to fit the specific generator model to ensure the proper flow and maintain proper pressure to prevent loss.

Tube Material

We offer your choice of materials for your custom bends and fabrications. Some of the most commonly used materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or specialized metallic alloys. Before the design and manufacture of your custom tube bend and fabrications, we consider various factors. These factors include:

  • corrosion resistance
  • temperature resistance
  • compatibility with the fluids or gases

Design and Engineering

We offer custom design and engineering for your generator’s custom bend or tube fabrications. Our staff carefully considers the generator system and its specific dimensions and the parameters of its operational capacities when designing your custom tubes. We create CAD models and 3D models of your generator components and review these models with you before actual bending and fabrication to ensure correctness.

Our Manufacturing Techniques

We provide vital quality assurance for the reliability and performance of your generator tube fabrication.  Our techniques include inspections and testing during and after the manufacturing process to ensure functionality and the integrity of your tube bends and fabricated components. We may employ such non-destructive techniques as X-ray or ultrasound testing as well. In addition, we will conduct various pressure testing methods to assure quality and detect any weaknesses in the product.

Installation Integration

Once the custom tubes have been manufactured and tested, they are ready for generator system installation. Only skilled technicians trained in generator installation procedures should install your new tubes. They need to ensure the correct positioning, alignment, and connection of your newly fabricated components to your generator system.

If you’re in an industry that manufactures, installs or services generators contact the experts at Detroit Tube Products for custom tube bends and fabrications.

Tube Bending

Tube Bending

3/4" to 6" diameter bending capacity
Severe radius capability standard - all sizes
Close tolerance available
Large die selection
Bend all tubing materials and shapes.

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Tube Shaping

Tube Forming/Shaping


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