Tube Usage in Mining Industry

Working in the mining industry, you can be sure that there are endless things to learn and discover within the earth. I, for one, know that with any industry, comes a process. When it comes to mining, there are many types of tubes that can be used in many different ways. From the specialized vehicles […]

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Bending Tube For Historic Restoration Projects

Somebody asked what it means when we say we do historic restoration and museum work. For museums and exhibits, we’ve bent railings (think crowd control) that have to fit interesting configurations. We’ve made frames on which the exhibit designers mounted educational or decorative items. Tubes are strong for their weight and make good frames. We’ve […]

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Different Ways To Bend A Tube

“She told me they can’t bend those tubes and to call you.” “I’m sorry, we don’t do that kind of work, but talk to Detroit Tube.” “Everybody I talk to says they can’t do it, but you all say you bend metal tubes. What’s up with that?” What’s up is that there are different ways […]

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The Century Club

This article appeared on dbusiness Detroit’s Premier Business Journal. Written by Ilene Wolff. Along with other fresh arrivals from nearby farms and the faraway South, these new, European immigrants were headed for factories and other businesses that were building a global reputation for producing industrial merchandise and products. Detroit was already the leading maker of cast […]

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