Custom Tube Bends in Snow Plowing Equipment

Custom Tube Bends in Snow Plowing Equipment

When winter hits, it can be a snowy nightmare; especially in the northern states. When the snow piles up, snow plowing and other services become necessary. For specialized equipment to handle such harsh weather conditions, they need parts that are designed to handle the job. That is why custom tubing is common in manufacturing snow-plowing equipment. Here are some areas where custom tube bends are found in snow-plowing equipment.

Frame and Structural Components

A good snowplow needs a good frame. All plows are made of sturdy materials like steel and aluminum. To ensure durability and strength, custom tubing is used in the construction of the frame. This is common in heavy-duty snow plows that are meant to clear big areas. Many components go into building snow-plowing equipment. This includes structural components such as support arms, braces, and reinforcements. Custom structural components are essential for the longevity of a snow plow.

Lift and Hydraulic Systems

Tubing can be used in the design of lift mechanisms that control the raising and lowering of the plow blade. Custom bent or welded tubing may be employed to create the arms or brackets necessary for these mechanisms. This tubing is also essential in hydraulic systems used to control various functions of the snow plow, such as blade movement and angling through specific connections.

Blade Construction

To effectively remove snow, the plow blade needs to be made of high-quality materials. The blade comes in direct contact with the snow, dislodging layers of ice and snow so it can be moved. The plow blade often has structural supports made of custom tubing to help maintain the integrity of the blade. In addition, it makes it easy to make adjustments to the blade’s angle and height. This also applies to the mounting braces that secure the plow to the vehicle. Custom tubing allows for the braces to endure the strain of plowing operations.

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