Textile Industry Fabric Production

Textile Fabrics production

Detroit Tube Products provides custom fabrications for a variety of industries. While we have highlighted a couple of them, there are plenty of other industries that use manufactured tubing products. The Textile Industry is one of them. When creating fabrics, you need specialized machines and components to get the job done. As a result, custom fabrication become essential in this industry. Here are a few areas where you can find specialized tubing configurations in textile manufacturing for fabric production.

Textile Industry Dyeing Systems

One of the places where custom tubes are necessary for dyeing systems. They are essential for the textile industry, considering it is required to change the colors of materials. The chemicals used in the dyeing process can be toxic and harmful. Furthermore, the chemical needs to have a higher temperature to dye the fabric. To transport dye to the dyeing vat, As a result, the tubing needs to be resilient against corrosion and high temperatures. That is why the tubing used in dyeing systems is custom-made. Some of the most popular tube fabrications are made out of stainless steel.

textile industry dyeing fabricsColor Management

When dyeing materials, you need to be able to identify what color you are adding and control the flow of it. In addition, the tubing needs to be just as resistant to high temperatures and corrosion as the dyeing vats. However, typically they need to be color-coded and easy to switch on and off to get the correct color combinations. Custom fabrications help operators quickly identify different tubing lines for specific chemicals or processes, aiding in production efficiency and safety.

Size and Configuration of Tubing

The size and configuration of custom tubing fabrications can be tailored to the specific machinery and processes used in the fabric production facility. This customization ensures that the tubing fits seamlessly into the production line.

Flexibility and Durability Required

Textile Industry production often requires flexible tubing to accommodate the movement of fabric through various processes. In addition to fabrics needing to move between the dyeing vats and finishing machines, they need to be adjusted by the volume.  Custom dies designed and engineered by Detroit Tube Products will produce tube fabrications designed to be flexible and durable to meet these needs.