pre bent DOM Tubing

DOM tubing is a popular material in different industries. Because of the “Drawn Over a Mandrel,” this tubing is smooth and seamless is susceptible to high-impact situations. However, some tubing needs unique fabrications and bends to work. Pre Bent DOM tubing is practicable and available at Detroit Tube Products.

What is DOM Tubing?

So, what is DOM tubing? First of all, it is not a tubing type. Rather DOM comes from the process of making these tubes. Using the “Drawn Over a Mandrel,” tubing becomes smooth and seamless. DOM Tubing is not only available but it has many advantages. In addition to being cost-effective, this tubing is extremely durable because it has a high weight-to-strength ratio. Because DOM Tubing is so versatile, you can find it in a variety of industries. Especially in the automotive industry. However, some DOM tubing needs to be a particular shape. After all, there are some industries that need specific or fabricated parts. That is where Detroit Tube Products comes in.

Bending Options at Detroit Tube Products

For certain equipment and purposes, DOM tubing needs to be bent in specific ways. At Detroit Tube Products, we specialize in creating specific bends and fabrications for our clients.

Pre-Bent DOM Tubing

For common bends, Detroit Tube Products has a die inventory. This large inventory allows customers to choose from a vast choice of existing bends. Pre-bent options often eliminate tooling chargings. In addition, you can use a size chart to help select and the inventory is always expanding. If a client cannot find a pre-bent option to fit their needs, Detroit Tube Products has you covered.

Tube Forming and Shaping

Sometimes, you need a unique shape for your tubing. Detroit Tube Products has made unique tubing fabrications. Each of their unique fabrications has helped museums and others get what they need. Detroit Tube Products provides tube forming and shaping services to fit clients’ needs.  They have all types of tube forming, ranging from bending, flaring, expanding, and other processes. All of these unique fabrications can be used in a multitude of projects.

Pre-Bent Tubes and Tube Forming From Detriot Tube Products

Since 1911, Detroit Tube Products has been providing tubing needs for over a century. They have been servicing companies all over the Metro Detroit area through their talent and excellent customer service. It also provides assembly services to its customers. Without a doubt, Detroit Tube Products is the first choice for your tubing needs!