Tube Fabrication Uses

Tube Fabrication UsesThere are many tube fabrication uses. Since 1911, Detroit Tube Products has been bending and fabricating tubes. Decades of experience allow our company to be the full-service solution to your tubular challenges. However, what goes into tube fabrication? Furthermore, what purposes do they have in the world around us?

What is Tube Fabrication?

Tube fabrication is a collection of processes that allows the creation of products and assemblies from a straight tube. The tube fabrication process can be applied to a variety of material types; steel, copper, bronze, etc. The most basic process of tube fabrication is tube bending. It is a permanent fabrication as a result of bending different angles. However, this is just one process. At Detroit Tube Products, our fabrication services include:

  • Tube End Forming
  • Flaring
  • Sewage
  • Expanding
  • Flatten
  • Bulge
  • Dimple
  • Slotting
  • Drilling
  • Punching
  • Tube Bending and Welding
  • Brazing of Assemblies

Each of these processes can be used to create unique tubes to fit specific needs. So, how can you apply these tube fabrications?

Fabrication Uses in Industry

As stated above, the collection of processes allows for a variety of tubes to be crafted. As a result, different configurations can be made to fit specific needs. This flexibility allows tube fabrications to have uses in different industries. Check out some of the industries Served for applications that need tube fabrication. Detroit Tube Products has customers in the architecture and interior design industries for example. Take a Brew Pub. Some have very interesting designs and layouts that not only accommodate the brewing equipment for functionality but are often behind glass enclosures open to the restaurant. For them, aesthetics is an important consideration.

All of these industries require specialized tubes to be able to function. As a result, tube fabrication is essential. Detroit Tube Products crafts original parts for specific needs but also a replacement for the important part. Furthermore, many projects rely on custom tubs for designs.

Tube Fabrications from Detroit Tube Products

There are many tube fabrication uses. While there are some basic tube shapes that people use, tube fabrications are able to fit in a specific way. When it comes to tube bending and welding for fabrications, you can rely on the professional at Detroit Tube Products. Since 1911, our company has been the expert in tube forming/shaping, fabricating, and custom bending. We are the best company when it comes to sourcing parts for projects.

Tube Bending

Tube Bending

3/4" to 6" diameter bending capacity
Severe radius capability standard - all sizes
Close tolerance available
Large die selection
Bend all tubing materials and shapes.

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Tube Shaping

Tube Forming/Shaping


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