Custom Bends for Radiator Installations

automobile cooling systemsWhen people talk about radiators, the first thing that comes to mind is a car or a truck. After all, for the everyday person, it is the most common type of radiator. Well at least for the average person. However, radiators don’t exclusively belong to the automotive industry. In fact, radiators are fundamental in a lot of industries. Sometimes these businesses or organizations need special radiator installations. So let’s talk about them and how Detroit Tube Products can help you!

Radiators – The Ideal Cooling System



First of all, what is a radiator? Well, radiators are heat exchangers that transfer thermal energy for heating or cooling. This transfer occurs between one medium to another. A good example is the heating systems that you see in old houses. You know the one! Those radiators are specifically designed to transfer heat from hot water or steam inside throughout the house. And the automotive radiators (HVAC) transfer coolant so the engine won’t overheat. But outside of outdated heat registers and cars, what other industries use these parts? Funny enough, you are carrying one around in your cellphone.

That is right, your cellphone has a radiator. A tiny component called a heat sink helps keep your phone from overloading. However, we are talking about the type of radiators that need bending. So let’s list a few. The food industry uses radiators all the time. They are in refrigerators and ovens for cooking and cooling. So every time you are cooking, a radiator is helping you. In addition, boiling systems allow a radiator. Indeed, the system that heats your home, workplace, school, and other facilities is one of these parts.

But let’s talk about some cooling types as well. Outside the HVAC system used in cars, you can find radiators in aircraft and trains. After all, an engine overheating on the tracks or in the air is bad news. Not to mention, airplanes have multiple types of radiators. Surface radiators to help reduce heat from drag, radiator thrusts to help planes with their velocity and so much more. In fact, these industries need specialized versions to keep things going. However, to make them you need bent tubing. This is where Detroit Tube Products comes in!

Bending Metal for Radiator Installations

At Detroit Tubing Products, we don’t make radiators. However, our services are employed by customers that use, sell, and even manufacture radiators. Our tube bending services provide all types of tubes needed for proper and unique installations! We work with all types of shapes, making special radius-tight bends for the hardest locations. Installation becomes easy and quick thanks to our tubes. Not only do Detroit Tube Products bend tubes, but we also make assemblies!

Our company uses a variety of rust-resistant metals so manufacturers can guarantee a long-lasting product. From stainless steel to copper, we have a process to help!

Tube Bending

Tube Bending

3/4" to 6" diameter bending capacity
Severe radius capability standard - all sizes
Close tolerance available
Large die selection
Bend all tubing materials and shapes.

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Tube Shaping

Tube Forming/Shaping


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