MIG Vs TIG Welding

MIG Vs TIG Welding

When it comes to choosing the proper type of welding for your project you need to look at the types of welding. We are going to take a look at MIG vs TIG welding and which ones are used for certain situations. At Detroit Tube Products, we use welding to help enforce seams on the tubing when needed. In addition, we have experienced welders that can provide the best results for your orders.

MIG VS TIG Welding: MIG Welding

To compare the two types we first need to look at the different types. MIG welding stands for metal inert gas welding. MIG welding is similar to TIG welding they both are arc welding techniques but they vary some in the process. With MIG welding you are placing a metal wire into the weld while you are making the weld. The wire melts and fills the space like filler material to create the weld.  In addition, this is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).

TIG Welding

TIG welding uses a tungsten electrode that will run a current through the pieces of metal being joined. Also with TIG welding you may or may not use filler materials depending on the job. Another name for TIG welding is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). Typically TIG welding is used on thinner materials because the process needs to heat up the metals being joined.  Furthermore, MIG welding is usually used for thicker materials because you do not need to heat the metal just the filler material.

On average MIG welding is generally chosen over TIG. MIG welding seems to be a little more forgiving and can be used easier with less experienced welders. While TIG welding requires a lot more experience and knowledge to accomplish. Here at Detroit Tube Products, we use whichever technique the project calls for. We strive to provide the best finished product for our clients and always deliver on time. Contact us today for a quote on your next project or give us a call at 313.841.0300 and see what Detroit Tube Products can do for you!

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