Tube Bending

bending (rectangular stainless steel)
Bending (rectangular stainless steel)
bending (stainless steel)
Bending (stainless steel)
  • 3/4" to 6" diameter bending capacity
  • Severe radius capability standard - all sizes
  • Close tolerance available

Large inventory of Tubing Stock

Materials Used: All metals for low-pressure applications.

Machines/Processes Used: Mandrel bending and roll-form bending. Bend "1D" (tight radius). Dual tube bending (tube within a tube while maintaining flow).

Minimums/Maximums: Single piece to moderate production (1000/month)

Sizes: 6" outside diameter 11 gage tube or 4" schedule 160 pipe

Possible Applications: All low-pressure applications where a casting is too heavy or costly. Product development , mass-customization in engine upfits, specialty vehicles , marine and yacht, engines, generators, architectural or interior design, display projects, cleaning equipment from car washes to commercial dishwashers.

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